In today’s tough economic climate, the importance of sound financial planning cannot be stressed enough. Financial planning can help you allocate the right resources to the most appropriate part of your business, improving profitability and improving cash flow. Financial planning is essentially the modelling of a company’s future financial liquidity and performance over a specific time-frame.

A good budget will explain the key income and cost drivers of a business. A good forecast will help management set the most appropriate key performance indicators which can help direct staff to undertake the right behaviours and activities, thus improving the businesses profitability.

We can assist you with all aspects of budgeting and cash flow forecasting and have many years’ experience in preparing such forecasts for management, banks, venture capitalists and other sources of finance. We can also help you put together a relevant business case which tells the story of the numbers.

A significant amount of financial and company information needs to be compiled efficiently to ensure an accurate cash flow forecast. At Carpenter Box Jones Avens we will work with you to develop your forecast, and make sure everything balances!

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